International Tyre Business B.V.

Company profile

From a collector of casings to an expert in casings

International Tyre Business was founded in 1989 by Peter Zendman. Since that time, ITB has developed into an international player in casing management. Because of the experience gained over many years in combination with continuous technical improvements in assessing removed tyres, ITB has become a unique company and market leader in quality casing management.


Over the years, in close collaboration with our customers, we have improved and expanded our services. To fulfil the wishes of the hauliers, the service providers and the tyre manufacturers, ITB has become an expert in casing management. By using the Casing Monitor system, we are able to guarantee independent and professional collection and assessment of your truck, earth-moving and agricultural casings. Every year, more than 150,000 casings are collected and assessed by our certified inspectors. On-site inspections can also be performed. At you will find information about our working method and the techniques that we apply.

ITB is a professional, customer-focussed family business that considers concepts such as short communication lines, commitment and personal service to be of paramount importance. We constantly aim for innovation and improvements. That is a requirement, as particularly in the tyre sector, no change means no progress.

Our site in Moerdijk, North Brabant, enables the temporary storage of more than 20,000 tyres. It has a central location between Rotterdam and Antwerp.

International Tyre Business B.V. is a tyre collection company accredited by the VACO (trade association for the tyre and wheel sector in the Netherlands) and by Recytyre (a used tyre organisation in Belgium).

ITB is a partner of Casing Monitor. For more information take a look at